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From Leaky Taps to Construction

  • Leaky taps and tap washers for your bathroom or kitchen. Most taps if used regularly will require washers to be replaced over kitchen sinks or vanities. This can be a quick repair and save you valuable water if your tap continues to leaks.

  • Leaky Cistern within household or commercial toilets. This is where your toilet is constantly running into the toilet bowl and wasting water and money. This problem if not fixed can be costly over time and will only continue to get worse unless it is fixed.

  • Replacing old and worn out taps, spouts, Shower heads and fittings. Over time, use, and just general wear and tear your taps and fittings, depending on the quality, can become damaged and unrepairable and require new fittings. We can replace and install new fittings of your choice whether you supply your own or we can provide the fittings you desire that will suit your decor.

  • Leaks in wall and ceilings can be a number of issues and Bomford Plumbing can detect the issues you are experiencing and provide the best solutions to resolve them. This could be in or around your laundry, kitchen, toilet or bathroom areas that creates rotted wood, mould, saturated carpets rotted or waterlogged plasterboard. If you see or detect these issues please contact us immediately before your problem worsens.

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