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Hot and cold water systems

  • Essential hot water systems and cold water systems are vital necessities for all households. In the industry this is called a rough-in or a tube-out and connects the from the councilâs mains meter into the household direct to outlet of the fitting and connections where you can install fittings including taps, showers, basins, sinks and all water supplies into the household or premise.


Solar Hot Water Heaters

  • Hiline systems are solar panels with the  hot water storage cylinders that are situated entirely on your roof that collect solar energy with electric boosting and heats the water that is stored by natural energy that can save you substantial money over time on your electricity costs for heating water.

  • Loline split hot water heater and storage uses roof situated solar panels that heat the water that is then stored at ground level with that assistance of electric boosting for those cloudy days. Even more efficient than the Hiline systems, the Loline split hot water heater and storage is also easily maintained due to the storage located at an easily accessible level.


Electric Storage Hot water heaters

  • Bomford Plumbing can repair or install any electric hot water system including small convenient sized 50L to larger 350L+ for more commercial or larger scale domestic use.

  • We can also organise the removal of old water heaters off site and disposed of without any hassle.


Heat Pump hot water heaters

  • Bomford Plumbing can supply and install the latest Heat Pump hot water heaters for your house or property which can take advantage of the government rebates as it saves you emissions and allows you to have hot water all year round even on those cloudy days or for properties that wish to save emissions which donât receive a lot of sunlight.