Water Jetter and Camera

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CCTV Camera down the drain

Bomford plumbing has a high pressure 3000psi water jetter for those tough persistent blockages that can be caused by heavy damage or infiltration by foreign objects. The intense blasting from the water jetter can dislodge, destroy, fragment and shatter any persistent blockage through the rotating and flushing action of the effective jetter head and high pressure water it ejects.

The rotating and cutting action of the jetter is strong enough to cut through roots however the engineered design of the head and the cutting action will not cut through your drain piping.

This technique is effective on smaller storm water piping by using different connections and other detachable heads that can scale up to larger drains if needed. Larger drains attract thicker and stronger tree roots and bigger foreign objects which requires a higher pressure and higher blast. Bomford plumbing has the correct fittings for each requirement that can block most drain blockages, quickly and easily.

The camera head can also detect the exact cause of the blockage and check if the pipe is free of any damage. The camera is also an underground locate in which we can detect the exact location of the blockage or pipe direction for quick mapping of your plumbing system if needed. The camera can provide a live feed of your internal plumbing through LED lighting at the end of the camera that can then feed back to you via email before we begin work or to give you a full analysis of the work completed. This is part of our complete service when utalising our jetter and camera so you know exactly where and what your problem was before and after the work is completed.

The locator tool on the camera allows us to detect the exact location of the blockage or drain damage in case we need to excavate. This can save you valuable time and money as we spend less time detecting the problem, less are to excavate and more efficient utalisation of our plumbing expertise.

If you have a Blocked drain, call us first for fast response and cost-efficient service!